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Identifying a Mice Infestation in Your Home

When some homeowners think of a rodent infestation, they picture rats and mice scurrying about in the open. In reality, since mice are nocturnal creatures, chances are you will not be aware that you have an infestation on your hands if you are not keen about spotting the signs. It is crucial to know if mice have taken harbour in your home, as not only would they cause significant damage to your belongings, but they could also pose a health hazard to you and your loved ones. The following are some of the signs to be wary of that would help you identify a mice infestation in your home:

Unexplained noises in the night

Contrary to popular belief, mice do not move around in absolute pin-drop silence. If you keep an ear out, chances are you will hear unexplained noises around your home such as rustling, scampering and squealing as they forage for food and make their way back to their nests. Rather than ignore these sounds, it is advisable to hire a pest control professional to examine your home for an infestation.

Granular droppings

Mice tend to leave fecal matter everywhere they go. Thus, over time you could start to notice tiny droppings that are black in colour littered all around your home. Most commonly, these droppings will be found near food sources such as near your pantry, along your kitchen walls where crumbs could have accumulated, under furniture and more.

Recurrent holes in packaging

Mice forage by sniffing out their food. Therefore, they will likely try to get into any food packaging that they come across such as pasta, rice, beans and other grain products. If the bag is made from tough materials, the mouse may not breach the contents of the packaging, but they will leave telltale bite marks and holes. Mice are also attracted to pet food so you should inspect your pet's food packaging too for any signs of gnawing.

Grease smears

Mice have enhanced mobility, as they are capable of squeezing through the smallest cracks and holes that are available to them. As a result, having an infestation would typically mean that the mice can move around your entire residence undeterred as long as there are spaces or them to pass through. When they squeeze through these cracks, they will leave behind grease smears caused by the oil and dirt on their coats. Any signs of unexplained oil stains near crevices should alert you to a mice infestation.

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