Getting Real About Real Estate

Tips for Selling Property Quickly When You're Busy

Are you facing an upcoming house move? Selling your house is undoubtedly a hectic time, and it can feel even more rushed when you're leading a busy lifestyle. If you need to move in a rush because of a job change, you may start to feel even more pressure. Fortunately, there are ways to make selling property quickly a reality.

Presentation Is Key 

If a potential buyer can't imagine themselves living in your home, they're unlikely to place a bid. Because of this, you need to declutter quickly and live in a state of tidiness. That way, your real estate agent can show its best side while they guide potential buyers through it. 

Neutralise Bright Rooms

Although you may favour a particular type of decor, a lot of buyers may not feel the same. Many people prefer neutral decor, as it's versatile and lends itself well to the furniture they already have. If there are rooms in your house that benefit from brightly-coloured walls, now's the time to paint over them and neutralise them.

Banish Anything Old

From mould to carpets that have seen better days, now's the time to banish anything that's old. Although not all buyers are averse to investing in a property with such features, you won't open yourself up to a large pool of people by letting them remain. Additionally, you may not maximise your property's value by failing to sort them out.

Tweak Cupboard Doors

Anybody who's buying a new house knows that the kitchen will rest at the heart of their life there. From cooking to socialising, it's home to a large range of activities. If you can afford it, replace cupboard doors so that they're new and inviting. As an alternative, you can sand the existing doors down and paint them.

Upgrade the Bathroom

If your bathrooms have seen better days, try some small tweaks that make them look inviting again. Simple changes, such as replacing the bath or changing the shower screen, can have a big impact. And if the toilet bowl is looking dull, take some bleach to it to lighten it.

Find the Right Agent

Having the right agent can make selling property much easier. In some cases, you may want to choose more than one, as you'll benefit from two sets of marketing skills. Always, focus on agents who intend to use multiple advertising channels to shift your property quickly.