Top Tips When Buying Property with a Strata Title

Most people will have reservations when buying a property in a strata development. Below is a step by step guide on how this works so you can have more confidence when buying property.  Property Inspection Ask your conveyancer or real estate agent to organise a property inspection. Property inspections will give detailed insights about the current condition of the property. For example,when buying a flat, the inspector will examine the presence of pests, the structural integrity of the house, the quality and state of internal fixtures and the presence of land contamination in the area.

Tips for Selling Property Quickly When You're Busy

Are you facing an upcoming house move? Selling your house is undoubtedly a hectic time, and it can feel even more rushed when you're leading a busy lifestyle. If you need to move in a rush because of a job change, you may start to feel even more pressure. Fortunately, there are ways to make selling property quickly a reality. Presentation Is Key  If a potential buyer can't imagine themselves living in your home, they're unlikely to place a bid.