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4 Thoughtful Ideas To Properly Plan Your Café Location

Not every location is perfect for you to set up a café. In fact, finding the right location is often harder than you imagine. Sometimes, you may identify a spot but it eventually ends up disappointing you. While service, beverages and food are key, follow these thoughtful ideas to properly plan the location for your café's ultimate success.

Think About Parking For Patrons Of Your Café

As much as you wish it wasn't a factor, the truth is that parking availability can greatly impact your café's sales. If your café can only be accessed by public transport and you're away from the central business district, chances are patrons will go elsewhere. Even if the café doesn't have its own parking, make sure there's another building with parking or public parking close by, which you can advertise to your customers. When you offer parking as an option, you're automatically increasing your customer pool.

Make Sure The Café Location Offers Enhanced Safety Features

Café safety is vital to avoid expensive lawsuits in the future, so you need to make sure that the place you choose is up to any required building standards. For instance, make sure the café wiring meets all Australian electrical standards, and fire alarms and sprinkler systems must be in proper working condition. Make sure you get a building inspector to take a look at and clear the retail property up for rent before you sign the lease for your café.

Explore The Nearby Area For Competition

While some competition is healthy, you don't want to end up in an area injected with a raft of similar cafes because this could be potential business suicide. If there are several other cafes already in the area with the same concepts as yours, you may want to consider an alternate location with less competition to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Pay Attention To Footfalls In The Area

Footfalls are important for your café to succeed, so you'll obviously want to ensure that the area is already equipped with potential customers. Pay close attention to the way other businesses in the area are run. Are there a great deal of people that could potentially be customers for your café, or do you see a significant number of empty stores? The latter could potentially be a worry. Ultimately, if you notice other businesses succeeding in the area, chances are footfalls are good, which will eventually benefit your café.

Location plays a major role in your café's success, so follow these thoughtful ideas for the best results. If you need more help finding a place to start your business, you should consider working with professional real estate agents, as they will know the ins and outs of particular areas.