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Top Tips When Buying Property with a Strata Title

Most people will have reservations when buying a property in a strata development. Below is a step by step guide on how this works so you can have more confidence when buying property.  Property Inspection Ask your conveyancer or real estate agent to organise a property inspection. Property inspections will give detailed insights about the current condition of the property. For example,when buying a flat, the inspector will examine the presence of pests, the structural integrity of the house, the quality and state of internal fixtures and the presence of land contamination in the area.

Tips for Selling Property Quickly When You're Busy

Are you facing an upcoming house move? Selling your house is undoubtedly a hectic time, and it can feel even more rushed when you're leading a busy lifestyle. If you need to move in a rush because of a job change, you may start to feel even more pressure. Fortunately, there are ways to make selling property quickly a reality. Presentation Is Key  If a potential buyer can't imagine themselves living in your home, they're unlikely to place a bid.

Are You Sure That Your Vendor's Statement Is Ready Before You Sell Your Home?

If you are selling a residential property for the first time, expect to come across mountains of paperwork, whether in conventional or digital form. This type of process can be quite lengthy, but it is nevertheless important for you to get everything done properly if you are to close any potential loopholes and make sure that all parties are happy. While some parts of this paperwork may be more important than others, you need to be certain that you make the right disclosures and focus on a document that may be called a 'section 32' or vendor statement.

Tips New Real Estate Agents Need to Succeed

Real estate agents are some of the most highly sought after professionals because a large number of individuals and businesses are currently renting, buying and/or selling property. If you are starting out as a real estate agent, you should be ready to compete with other real estate agents present on the market. To do that successfully, you should arm yourself with these tips. Always be guided by the needs of your client

What Different Options Face You If You Suspect You May Have Asbestos On Your Property?

Despite a significant publicity campaign fronted by the government in order to make people aware of the perils of asbestos, a large number of properties around Australia are still thought to contain this substance. The material was used extensively in a wide variety of construction applications up through the '90s and it continues to present challenges for property owners everywhere. If you have just acquired an older property and are not sure how you stand in relation to this material, what should you do next?

How to Set Habits So You Never Lock Your Keys in Your Vehicle Again

There are lots of tips and ideas online about how to never lock your keys in your car again. One of the most popular tips is to create a consistent habit that involves taking the keys out of the car before you lock the door. What's the best way to create this habit? Let these tips help you. 1. Choose Something That You Can Do Consistently To avoid locking your keys in your car, your habit needs to be something that you can do every time you use your car.

Is It Time to Consider Moving to a Retirement Apartment?

If you're someone who is getting along in years, you may not like the idea of giving up your home and moving to a retirement apartment. However, such apartments offer some great benefits for seniors, including some advantages you might not have considered. Note a few signs that it may be time to consider a retirement apartment and why it can be such a good choice for you. You only use one small area of your home

Finding pet friendly accommodation as a renter

Many rental properties specifically say in the add that they won't accept pets, which can make the ​task of finding a rental property as a pet owner extra challenging. Here are some simple things that you can do to help lift your rental application to the top of the pile.   Let them know what type of pet you have A rental owner who doesn't want loud dogs waking up the neighbours might not be as annoyed by a single house cat or a small dog that lives in the house.

4 Thoughtful Ideas To Properly Plan Your Café Location

Not every location is perfect for you to set up a café. In fact, finding the right location is often harder than you imagine. Sometimes, you may identify a spot but it eventually ends up disappointing you. While service, beverages and food are key, follow these thoughtful ideas to properly plan the location for your café's ultimate success. Think About Parking For Patrons Of Your Café As much as you wish it wasn't a factor, the truth is that parking availability can greatly impact your café's sales.

Dealing with the stress of moving house

Moving to a new home can be exciting and full of new possibilities, but it's also a stressful, often difficult process. The pressure and uncertainty of a house move can be hard to deal with, especially when added to all the other stressors in our lives. However, there are a few things you can do to make your move a little less stressful: Start early Uncertainty and time pressure are two of the main factors that make moving house stressful.